Need to optimize parking?

ParkAware's real-time space occupancy and availability does just that.

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Optimize parking.
Drive revenue.
Solve problems.

We generate real-time availability and occupancy using single-space sensors. We allow you to:

  • Make demand-based price adjustments for the efficient use of curb space in congested areas.
  • Maximize your enforcement revenue, manage supply and demand and make informed decisions on pricing.
  • Integrate LED wayfinding signage to communicate current availability and direct drivers to open spaces.
  • Increase parking visibility. Eliminate the perception of no parking.
  • Provide a better parker experience and increase satisfaction.
Parking Operations Solution
Increase Revenue

Maximize your enforcement revenue with ParkAware's real-time enforcement. Improve overall supply and demand.

Data-driven insights

Understand parking utilization with live information and updates. Produce highly accurate occupancy, dwell and turnover times for each space.

Flexible Pricing Structure

ParkAware offers varying pricing models and terms, making it easy to start using the ParkAware platform.

Space-level parking data with an asset-lite approach.

ParkAware Platform Analytics
  • Access your inventory anytime, anywhere, from any device.
  • Understand real-time occupancy, turnover, and dwell time metrics to maximize revenue and manage more effectively.
  • Understand the total picture. Track data across real-time, historical, and predictive timeframes.
Real-time Enforcement Notifications
  • Integrate ParkAware with your current equipment. Combine sensor data with payment data to make informed pricing decisions.
  • Prioritize enforcements.
  • Maximize enforcement revenue and increase parker compliance.
Payment Services
  • Increase revenue by leveraging exterior and interior wayfinding signage to attract parkers and improve your customers’ parking experience.
  • Display your availability data on your own native application or ParkAware's mobile app.
  • Use ParkAware Payments to accept payments at old parking meters.

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Parking shouldn't be frustrating. We provide the real-time data you need to create a best in class parking experience.

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